A PhotoTour of Naylor Observatory

Naylor Observatory

Naylor Observatory is located outside of Lewisberry PA and consists of a campus of several observatory buildings with mounted telescopes for use by our members and also for public observing events, as well as a classroom building for use in meetings and astronomy classes. Below is a photo tour of our facilities and equipment.

French Dome

The French Dome is our oldest observatory building and home of a 17" telescope. It has a rotating dome for a roof and looks like what most people think of when they think of what an observatory looks like.

17 Inch Telescope

This scope - built by club members is the largest scope that ASH owns.

King Building

The King Building is home to two mounted scopes and features a roll off roof.

Twin 14 inch Meade SCT Telescopes

Twin Meade 14 Inch Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes are located in the King Building.

Culver Building

The Culver Building is a roll off roof observatory building - its roof actually began its life as a garage door!

12.5 inch Cave Newtonian Telescope

The 12.5 inch Cave Newtonian telescope mounted in the Culver Building is the smallest of our permanently mounted visual observing telescopes but is a favorite of many of our members.

Weiser Building

The Weiser Building is our newest observatory building on the campus at Naylor Observatory and is home to our astrophotograpy telescopes and set up - and also to our electronically assisted astronomy equipment to project images during our public observing sessions. It also features a roll off roof to allow for equipment use.

Asper Building

The Asper Building is our classroom and administration building for our campus. It has a room to hold meetings and classes in, as well as kitchen facilites for members use during observing sessions. During our public observing sessions, be sure to stop in this building first to sign in and see our meteorite collection!