2018 Vendors

Here is a partial list of the Vendors for this year`s star party:



For Prospective 2018 Vendors


We are in the process of gathering speakers for the ASH 2018 CSSP. If you would like to contact The Astronomical Society of Harrisburg concerning being a vendor, please click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will send all prospective vendors simultaneously the initial notice of the date of the 2018 CSSP. Vendors will be listed on the website by order of the time of their commitment to 2018 CSSP, rather than alphabetically. 



Please Note: Vendor attendance is by request or invitation only. You may not just show up. If you show up unexpectedly, you may be turned away due to attendance restriction set by DCNR.

As a supporting vendor, you would be entitled to all of the benefits listed below:
Notification of the donation to our club membership and Star Party attendees
Inclusion on the vendors & sponsors section of our website
Free admission for vendor representatives.  Vendors are welcome to send literature or catalogs, which we will distribute at check in
Written listing of door prizes and sponsors provided to all attendees at check-in and on the ASH Cherry Springs Star Party website
Verbal recognition at the door prize drawing
Follow-up letter with the name and address of the actual winner of each prize
Follow-up written recognition in our club newsletter, STARDUST, as well as a complimentary copy of that issue which will run June.
Vendors are welcomed and encouraged to bring their own tents or display vehicles. ASH will again provide a large tent in the display area. Members of the Organizing Committee will be available to assign appropriate space for our Vendors and to adjudicate any disputes or problems that might arise.
The Vendors Display Area will be available, daylight hours, starting Noon Friday through Sunday morning. All displays must be removed by 10:00AM on Sunday morning.

How can I setup shop at the Cherry Springs Star Party?

If you are interested in being a commercial vendor (meaning you are in the business of selling astronomical products) at the Cherry Springs Star Party or have any questions about being a vendor at the Star Party, please e-mail us. As far as admission we will provide 2 free individual admissions or 1 family admission for each vendor, additional persons will need to register as anyone else would for the Star Party. We can not guarantee their will be tables available, therefore we are asking each vendor to bring their own table/tables.
ASH will be providing a 30X60 tent for vendors to setup inside and has set aside a large portion of money to have the tent setup at the Star Party. The tent will be managed in the fact that vendors will be limited to the amount of space they can occupy in the tent so that everyone that wants space in the tent will have it. There will be someone in the tent monitoring this. We do, however, suggest that vendors bring a tent if they wish to occupy extra space, would rather set up outside the tent in a row that extends from each side of the tent, or if they plan on arriving late and are worried about space constraints. We intend to have space inside the tent for all those vendors who wish to setup inside of it, but if someone wishes to occupy more space, they are welcome to setup a tent alongside the tent to give them more space or they can setup totally separate from the tent in a row on each side of the tent. If you have any questions, please e-mail us.

Will there be a Swap Meet?

Yes, the swap meet will occur in the vendor area on Saturday. You are encouraged to bring any items you wish to sell to the Cherry Springs Star Party! There is no charge for amateurs to set up in the Swap Meet area as long as you have paid to attend the Star Party. However, we can not guarantee that there will be tables available, make plans to bring your own.