Star Party Rules

All state park rules and regulations apply to the observing field.


5 mph speed limit. NO DUST WAKES!

Medical emergencies take precedence over the rules. 

All lasers are prohibited, except for red laser collimators for telescope collimation.

Children must be supervised by a parent at all times.

No yard games or horseplay near telescopes.

Grilling must be done on the east side of the pavilion.

Quiet hours are from 9:00 PM until noon the following day.

Music, televisions, and radios must not intrude upon other participants at any time.

No pets allowed.  Certified service dogs must be kept on a six-foot leash. 

Apply insect repellent spray away from telescopes.


Absolutely no exterior car lights.

Interior car lights must be turned off or covered in red and dimmed.

Driving on the field is prohibited after sunset.

Flashlights must be red, dim, and pointed downward.

All types of user screens need to be red, shielded, dimmed to low intensity, and visible only to the user. This includes cell phones.

No rope lights, party lights, solar lights, or extraneous lighting.

All white RV, trailer, and camper lights must be extinguished, unless proper shielding is installed to prevent light from escaping.

Cameras need the flash turned off at night.

No light painting with flashlights for skyscapes.


Drones / UAVs at Cherry Springs State Park

Drones / UAVs at Cherry Springs State Park


Currently DCNR has restricted use of Drones / UAVs at most state parks including Cherry Springs State Park.  Please do not fly any drone / UAV withing the park or in nearby areas without Park Ranger permission.


Here is DCNR's notice:



Rules for the Cherry Springs Star Party

While we don't like to "dwell" on rules there are some rules that we need to inform everyone about, most are standard Cherry Springs State Park Observing Field Rules. Standard rules for observing at Cherry Springs are available DCNR's Official Website for Cherry Springs State Park.

If this is your first time attending a Star Party you may wish to visit this site for "common" star party etiquette: Star Party Etiquette.

  •     No white or bright light sources are permitted on the observation field unless it is 100% cloudy. If you have an interior car light or running lights that come on automatically, the must either be disabled or blacked out. All flashlights must have a red or green lens cover or filter. No Car Headlights after dark! Computer or video screens must be red or green filtered and dimmed so they do not bother others. ASH encourages using some type of "alcove" to place your laptop in, such as a cutout rubbermaid container. Flash photography is prohibited at night.
  •     No vehicle traffic (except for emergencies) will be permitted in and out of the gate once it is dark. There will be a place for those who will be leaving during the night to park. Please make sure and arrive back at the park well before dark if you're out and about!
  •     Green Lasers are strictly prohibited on the main observing field, please leave these at home.
  •     Pets are not permitted in overnight areas at the State Park meaning you can't bring a pet. These are DCNR Regulations, if you bring a pet, we'll have to ask you to leave.
  •     RV's, Popups and the like are permitted at no extra charge, however there are NO ELECTRIC, WATER, OR SEWAGE HOOKUPS on the Observing/Camping Field. We ask those bringing large RV's to park at the North end of the field to avoid blocking the view of others that may have setup near you. Anyone bringing an RV or Popup shall come fully prepared for no hookup camping. Anyone plugging their RV's or campers into the Telescope Battery Recharging Stations at the Park will have their cords pulled and will be asked to leave! The park does have a septic dumping station at the one end of the park.
  •     Music - From Thursday 12 PM (noon) until Sunday 12 PM (noon), headphone use only.