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We will see you for the 2018 Cherry Springs Star Party!  Select the Registration Information link on the left.


Cherry Springs Star Party on TV!


Recently, Cherry Springs State Park and our Star Party were on local TV with our own Doug Grove!  Here is the link to the broadcast!

Astronomical Humor

This is from our club VP who got it from some friends at the Winter Star Party.  Unknow author, but it is Funny!

The Ten Commandments for Amateur Astronomers

I: Thou shalt have no white light before thee, behind thee, or to the side of thee whilst sharing the night sky with thy fellow stargazers.

II: Thou shalt not love thy telescope more than thy spouse or thy children; as much as, maybe, but not more.

III: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's telescope, unless it exceeds in aperture or electronics twice that of thy wildest dreams.

IV: Thou shalt not read "Astronomy" or "Sky & Telescope" on company time, for thine employer makes it possible to continue thine astronomical hobby.

V: Thou shalt have at least two telescopes so as to keep thy spouse interested when the same accompanies thee under the night sky or on eclipse expeditions to strange lands where exotic wild animals doth roam freely.

VI: Thou shalt not allow either thy sons or thy daughters to get married during the Holy Days of Starfest.

VII: Thou shalt not reveal to thy spouse the true cost of thy telescope collection; only the individual components and that shall be done with great infrequency.

VIII: Thou shalt not buy thy spouse any lenses, filters, dew shields, maps, charts, or any other necessities for Christmas, anniversaries, or birthdays unless thy spouse needs them for their own telescope.

IX: Thou shalt not deceive thy spouse into thinking that ye are taking them for a romantic Saturday night drive when indeed thou art heading for a dark sky site.

X: Thou shalt not store thy telescope in thy living room, dining room, or bedroom, lest thou be sleeping with it full time.


Food Service at the Star Party!

The former owner of Fox’s Pizza Den to Serve at Cherry Springs Great news! Our food vendor, James Green, Galeton PA, will return again to provide 24-7 food service during this year’s Cherry Springs Star Party. Their delicious offerings at the 2018 Star Party received good notices from hungry stargazers.

They will provide hot Breakfast items, Sandwiches and food and hot and cold drinks and and food throughout the night. Service will begin for lunch on Thursday June 14th until Breakfast on Sunday June 17th.


Cherry Springs Star Party - 2018!

The Cherry Springs Star Party or CSSP will be held at Cherry Springs State Park near Coudersport, PA. Cherry Springs State Park is well known for nice dark skies and we hope you'll enjoy them with us at the Cherry Springs Star Party! Our 2016 Star Party was a great success and featured talented speakers and opportunities for observing. The Registration Desk will open at 12 PM on Thursday June 14, 2018 and will be open at various times throughout the weekend. We hope to see YOU at the Star Party!


Collage of scenes from/near Cherry Springs.
(Photos by: Ted N. and Dave Mitsky)


Here is the etiquette PDF from Amateur Astronomy Magazine