Directions to ASH

Our street address:

Edward L. Naylor Observatory

670 Observatory Drive

Lewisberry PA 17339


Finding Naylor Observatory safely without getting lost is easier if you plan to arrive before it becomes completely dark. We unlock our gate shortly after sunset. Do not come earlier. There is no on-street parking. If you park at the gate entrance we can’t get in to unlock the gate. WATCH OUT FOR DEER!! Deer commonly run across the hilly roads leading to the Observatory and can collide with your vehicle. The following directions are not the shortest local routes to the Observatory, but allow you to turn into our driveway from Observatory Drive without having to make a blind left turn across traffic.

Directions from Harrisburg: Take I-83 South to the exit marked Lewisberry Road, PA-114 Exit (New Exit 39A, Old Exit 18). At the end of the exit ramp, turn left and go West on PA-114 (Lewisberry Road) for 3.3 miles. At this point there is a fork in Lewisberry Road near Mt. Zion Church. Take the left branch which continues as Lewisberry Road and PA-382. Take PA-382 South for 1.0 miles to where it crosses School House lane. Turn right on School House Lane. (A small white church named Deliverance Tabernacle is on the left where you turn.) Drive 0.5 miles down School House Lane until it ends intersecting Brenneman Drive. Turn left on Brenneman Drive and go 0.1 miles until you reach the first road on your right which is Seitz Drive. Turn right on Seitz Drive and go 0.9 miles until you reach the first road on your right which is Siddonsburg Road. Turn right on Siddonsburg Road and go .4 miles to Observatory Drive. Turn right on Observatory Drive and go .6 miles. Our driveway in on the right immediately AFTER passing two brick columns marking our neighbor’s paved driveway. Turn right into the next unpaved driveway marked by a large white sign, red ground lights, and two wooden posts. If you turned onto an asphalt paved driveway between two brick columns, STOP IMMEDIATELY! Don’t drive up to our neighbor’s house. This activates his garage lights and spoils the viewing for visitors already at Naylor. Backup and find our driveway. Use parking lights only while on our driveway. Park on the grass on the left side of our driveway. Sign in at the Asper Building before going to the telescopes. Continue to be mindful of your child’s location.

Directions from Mechanicsburg: Take PA-114 East through Lisburn. Turn right on PA-382. Follow the “Harrisburg” directions from this point.

Directions from York: Take I-83 North to the exit marked Newberrytown, PA-382 Exit (New Exit 32, Old Exit 13). At the end of the exit ramp, turn left on PA-382. Go North on PA-382 to Lewisberry. Pass through the flashing light at the intersection with PA-177. Continue on PA-382 for another 1.5 miles until you reach Brenneman Drive. Turn left on Brenneman Drive and go 0.3 miles to the first road on your left which is Seitz Drive. Turn left on Seitz Drive and follow the “Harrisburg” directions from this point.

Clear Sky Chart for Harrisburg area

Clear Sky Chart for Edward Naylor Observatory