DATES for Upcoming Meetings - Updated for 2018!


General Meetings:

The General monthly Meeting of ASH is now on a Lunar schedule!  Here are the dates for 2017-2018:


General Meeting
December 12/11/2017 HACC
January 1/15/2018 HACC
February 2/12/2018 HACC
March 3/5/2018 HACC
April 4/2/2018 PA State Museum
May 5/7/2018 Naylor Observatory
June 6/4/2018 Naylor Observatory
July 7/30/2018 Naylor Observatory
August 8/27/2018 Naylor Observatory
September 9/24/2018 Naylor Observatory
October 10/29/2018 HACC
November 11/19/2018 HACC
December 12/17/2018 HACC

 Our meetings are always open to the public!  So come over to the ASH Observatory, located in Lewisberry, PA!

The regularly scheduled meeting will be held on the dates shown above at 7:30 pm and goes to 9:30 pm.

October - March:

Harrisburg Community College (HACC) in the Blocker Hall building first floor room 128.


Pennsylvania State Museum PlanetariumPA State Museum, 3rd Street, Harrisburg

Note: the doors will be only be open from 7pm to 7:25pm! Visitors are welcome!

May - September:

Naylor Observatory, 670 Observatory Drive, Lewisberry, PA 17339


Excutive Board Meetings:

The Excutive Board meetings are held at Naylor Observatory or elsewhere as announced by the President or Executive Board.

The Excutive Board meets at 10:00 AM and goes until 12 PM on the Saturaday dates listed below.  The meeting is open to All members.


 Executive Meeting
December 12/9/2017
January 1/13/2018
February 2/10/2018
March 3/3/2018
April 3/31/2018 - Note that this is in March!
May 5/5/2018
June 6/2/2018
July 7/28/2018
August 8/25/2018
September 9/22/2018
October 10/27/2018
November 11/17/2018
December 12/15/2018

Clear Sky Chart for Harrisburg area

Clear Sky Chart for Edward Naylor Observatory