About ASH

Who are we?

The Astronomical Society of Harrisburg, PA., Inc. (ASH) was formed in 1955 and has over 110 paid memberships. Counting family members and individual paid memberships we have over 110 members. We are one of the largest astronomy organizations in the state. In 1966, the society bought land to construct our Edward L Naylor Astronomical Center, which opened up in 1967. The society's members share a wide variety in interests in astronomy including basic astronomical observation, astrophotography, telescope making, radio astronomy, comet hunting, meteorics, planetary sciences, CCD imagery, Earth orbiting satellite observations, and many other topics. Some members have decades of experience, and some are just starting out. Some members have fine equipment of their own, and some don't own a telescope. Whatever your situation is you are sure to find a home and friends within the society and others having a similar level of experience as yourself.


How is ASH Funded?

ASH is funded primarily through membership dues and donations from the public. Membership dues make up a large percentage of our funding. However, to maintain the observatory we heavily rely on donations from the public at events we hold, such as public observing or groups starparties. We also strongly rely on new memberships to allow the organization to grow, and we look forward to having anyone who has an interest in Astronomy joining our club. ASH is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization with all donations being tax deductible. ASH receives NO FUNDING from Federal, State, or Local Governments, so we are 100% existent because of the generosity of our members and the public.

Our Mission

As stated in our bylaws ASH's mission is, "to promote the interest, education and advancement of its members in amateur (observational) astronomy. The Society also considers as important the education of the public in astronomy, astronomical research, space exploration, the fight against light pollution and other areas of interest that are closely related to astronomy.”

Contact Information

    •Observatory Phone Number: (717) 938-6041

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Other Information

    •Society Bylaws

People who have Shaped the Society - A Tribute

    •The Man from the Stars - Edward L. Naylor

    •Torch Carriers - The Elected Officers of ASH

Clear Sky Chart for Harrisburg area

Clear Sky Chart for Edward Naylor Observatory