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Eclipse 2017

Eclipse 2017

Observing a solar eclipse is an exciting experience. The last total eclipse viewable from the entire contiguous United States was in 1918.  More recently was in 1979, but only viewed in totality in 5 states in the  Pacific Northwest. The path of totality of a solar eclipse over the contiguous United States is rare to say the least. The path of totality for the upcoming eclipse on August 21st, 2017 crosses the country from the northwest to the southeast, allowing for many opportunities to view the eclipse in totality. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania is not in that path.  For this reason the Astronomical Society of Harrisburg will be closed on Monday August 21st, 2017 so that it's members may have the opportunity to travel to sites along this eclipse's path of totality. Viewing the partial eclipse can be done from any place the sun is in view and can be a pleasurable experience if done correctly. Please remember that looking directly at the Sun can be EXTREMELY dangerous. Please wear glasses specifically designed for solar viewing and if using a telescope or binoculars only use filters approved for solar observing.

For the Central PA area, there will be about 77% eclipsed and will start at 1:17pm and be at the maximum at 2:41pm.  It will end at 3:59pm.


Clear Sky Chart for Harrisburg area

Clear Sky Chart for Edward Naylor Observatory